Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Time Fun

I know....usually we think of summer time as a great opportunity to relax from school and work and just have fun. Whether is family vacations to the beach or Disney, or sitting at home along side a pool....we just want to relax. However, at EOT, we think that the best use of summer's time is to catch up on some great reading. There are many reasons I could give that will emphasize the importance of summer reading. Below are ten ways you can use to encourage your child to read this summer....I really could give you more, but these are absolutely some of the best! If you have proven ideas that worked with your son or daughter, please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

1. Use Hollywood to attract your child to reading....

Hollywood? Yes! There are many movies that have been based on the best books out there. Use these titles to get your child interested in learning more details as they read.

2. Visit your local library or join a book club....

Many libraries offer sign-ups for local reading programs. Most have a reading list that when your child reads all the titles, she wins a prize. Even joining book clubs have been exciting for young children, or better yet, create your own reading game with charts and stickers to promote the love of reading in your child throughout the summer.

3. Involve your child in your summer plans....

Your child can help you read up on vacation destinations utilizing brochures, websites, flyers, etc. Yet another way to encourage reading and make it FUN

4. Start a collection....

A collection of what you say? Anything that interests your child. Have him visit websites, view videos, or look at library books. Collect memories of these things as your child studies them. For my son, he would really enjoy collection information on dinosaurs and trains....yes, he is a typical boy!

5. Comic books.....

I personally have always thought comic books were hard to read and not that very interesting, but then again, I am just a single person with a different opinion. Children love comics....especially because of the vibrant and exciting pictures that accompany the text. A visual and artistic learner will find these types of books awesome. And your reader will learn quickly to make connections between the picture sequences and text. It would be very smart to pick one of these up today.

6. Cook books and food labels..... favorite. This will really work for my sons because I collect cookbooks. I just enjoy reading them...not really cooking from! However, this is a great way to get your child interested in reading. Have him help you read a recipe and make it as, so exciting. And when visiting the grocery store, have him read the labels for you. Its a great way for your child to learn what he is eating as well as get excited about the preparation of food.

7. Read instruction pamphlets.....

Children will really enjoy reading things that instruct them to build or make projects. This is a great practical type of reading that will give your child a sense of accomplishment.

8. Read the newspaper.

Reading the newspaper, especially aloud, will encourage your child to do the same. Reading the newspaper is a great way to promote your child's interest in what is going on in the world. Even have your child read the paper aloud to a sibling or friend to make reading more exciting.

9. Get a magazine subscription.

I have my boys a subscription to Highlights magazine for children. My son loves for me to read the articles to him.....I especially like the hidden find articles, however, he does not. LOL! Kids can identify with the voice and subject matter of these magazines and these articles WILL hold their attention.

10. Be a role model for reading.

Lastly, let your child see you read. If you feel the importance of reading, like you must if you are reading this post, then let your child see you do it. They will not see the value of reading if you are not doing it as well. Read anywhere----the store, doctor's office, airport, etc.-----if they see you enjoying reading, they will as well!

Good Luck in your summer reading!!!

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