Sunday, January 4, 2009


7 Things Meme is basically a trend on Twitter where Twitter members ask each other to blog "the 7 things that someone may NOT know about you"

Here are my 7 things:

1.) I was really underweight as a young child, teenager, and young adult. I have now become more comfortable in my own skin as a healthy looking adult.

2.) I never envisioned being a teacher. As one now, I cannot imagine doing anything else. There is so much joy in teaching.

3) I love being married! Despite the ups and downs and my controlling behavior, I am overjoyed with being a mother and wife.

4) I can't stop learning. I tried! I lasted a whole semester without taking courses, but then again, I did step into several professional development workshops/classes as well as began public speaking which is a challenge and learning experience within itself.

5) I am very shy and reserved. Some may even call me anti-social. I am most comfortable sitting at home in front of the computer or television or watching my son learn and grow. Life is great when relaxing at home.

6) I would love to become a professor or college instructor one day. I think a profession such as that is the ultimate in showcasing experience and knowledge.

7) I like scrap booking and crafts. I know that is really cheesy and I never have time for it, but then again, it is so relaxing and I surprise myself with the things I create.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you have learned more things about me through reading my 7 Things Meme!


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