Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution Number One


I made several New Year's resolutions. My number one resolution was to expand my business. I opened my business in June of 2008. I received considerable amount of positive feedback, however I feel more families can benefit from what I have to offer. I am very experienced in my field and I would love to showcase such experiences through my tutoring service. Now that I am sitting here writing, I think that it may even be appropriate to do education consulting on the side. Nevertheless, my marketing efforts for my tutoring business must be increased. I may also revamp my website so that professionalism stands out.

After several workshops and conferences, I am also thinking that the business will greatly benefit from a variety of Web 2.0 tools. I really want to start using Skype as a tool and I may change the virtual classroom from E-Lecta Live to WizIQ, Elluminate, or Moodle. I was not aware of the flexibility of Elluminate until chatting with a lady on Classroom 2.0. I think I will look more into that later.

These most of the changes I can think of that will promote my business. I welcome any suggestions. Please comment if you have any.

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