Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things to Do!

I have changed this blog design at least seven times now. I think that I am okay with what I have chosen today. I am pretty sure that I will change it again eventually.

I researched virtual classrooms that I mentioned earlier. Elluminate, WizIQ, and Moodle. I am thinking that I may prefer to just keep E-Lecta Live. I am comfortable with that one, although there is a charge. Additionally, I do not want to have to have a separate server for my classrooms. I will continue searching and considering what steps I should take regarding the classrooms.

Next week, I will be printing marketing documents. It's time to get the ball rolling in regards to the business. It has been well since opening, but as the owner, I am confident it could be much better. I keep thinking that if i were a WAHM I would definitely have had the company spring to life by now. Well anyway, marketing materials on next week. Distribute and post them eventually.

More immediate chores are preparations for a presentation that will take place in a week. I have yet to complete the video that I would like to play as attendees are walking into the session and sit, right before I make the introductions. I will be working on that now as soon as I complete this post.

Another task is special education progress reports. I have about three left that I can do at home and two that will need to be completed on Monday when I return to school. I also have to organize my calendar for one professional development course I will be taking starting January 8 and lasting 5 weeks and three graduate courses beginning on the 12th and lasting 16 weeks. These courses should allow for a tremendous amount of growth in my professional career. I like to organize my calendar to reflect due dates and assignments; something that should easily keep me on track and somewhat focused. However the bad thing about that is once I make the calendar, I never look at it again. So much for the effort of organization.....

Well I appreciate your listening ears.....


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